Lives of Saints and Blesseds

August 30 (in Poland: September 1)
Bl. Bronislava, * c. 1203, † August 29, 1259

The noble Bronislava, from Kamien (Silesia), entered the Premonstratensian convent of Zwierzyniec in 1219. She lived there for 40 years. She was a relative of the Dominican Saint Hyacinth, at whose death on August 15, 1257 she saw in a vision how Mary led him into heaven. Her fervent prayer and her contemplation on the passion of Jesus Christ and her veneration of the Holy Cross impressed her contemporaries very much. During her life time the Tartars twice destroyed the city of Cracow and the region together with the monastery; they left behind a trail of misery. In addition the plague raged through Europe these years. Bronislava, supported by her fellow sisters, was always an “angel of comfort” for the poor whom she helped spiritually and materially – thus she distributed food, clothing and medicine. The cross was her help and protection, and so she is frequently depicted as praying before Jesus who shows her the cross with the words: “Your cross is my cross; my glory will also be yours.” In all her distress Bronislava never lost hope; frequently she retired for prayer to the solitude of Sikornik Hill near Cracow where she died on August 29, 1259.

Relics: Zwierzyniec/Cracow
Approbation of cult: August 23, 1839 by Gregory XVI.
Representation: as a Premonstratensian with veil and lily, as praying before the cross of Jesus.

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Almighty, eternal God. You call those who are weak in this world, to confound those who are strong. Help us, through the intercession of Blessed Bronislava, so that, notwithstanding our weaknesses, we may cooperate in the building of Your kingdom. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.