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In the Generalate house in Rome the Postulator keeps relics of St. Frederick, St. Godfrey, St. Hermann-Joseph, St. Norbert, St. Siard and the martyrs of Gorcum as well as Blessed Bronislava, Hroznata, Hugue and James Kern. Requests for these small relics with accompanying documents of authentication are accepted, following the proper ecclesiastical directives, i.e. only with a letter of recommendation from an ordinarius (a bishop or a prelate of the Norbertine Order).

del Vicariato di Roma:

Suore Agostiniane di S. Lucia
Via in Selci 82 - 00184 Roma

Relics of the Saints: Treasures of the Church (USA)
Treasures of the Church - Nobertine Saints (2012)

Canonry of Wilten 2008

Roggenburg 2011

Speinshart 2012