„The heroes of the Church can assist us in our lives. They were no ‘photocopied Christians’; rather, each one was original, irreplaceable and without parallel! The Church of today does not need part time Catholics. She needs full-blooded Christians!” (John Paul II, June 21, 1998, at the Beatification of James Kern).

Spurred on by this ideal, the web page that you just opened is for the sake of informing and uniting, on a worldwide scale, the Norbertine confreres, sisters, friends of the Order, and all those who honor our Saints, Blesseds and Servants of God. An important step toward the “rediscovery” of the saints of our Order was the Hagiologion published by my zealous predecessor, Fr. Donatian De Clerck (German 1999/ 2014, Dutch 2001, Czech 2003, French 2005 and English still in preparation). As a further step in this direction, I would like to offer inspiration for the spiritual life and the celebration of the Liturgy.

Finally, I sincerely request your prayers for our Order and its processes of beatification and canonization!

Gratefully yours in our Holy Father Norbert
Fr. Dr. Gabriel Wolf OPraem
General Postulator

Elenchus Postulatorum

Vital Van den Bruel (1890-1897): B. Hroznata

Hubert Noots (1927): B. Hugo de Fosses

Hugo Lamy (1937-1947)

Augustinus Huber (1948-1954)

Hugo Marton (1954-1975): S. Hermannus-Jos.

Norbert Calmels (1975-1982)

Emiel De Roover (1982-1992)

Donatian De Clerck (1992-2003): B. Jacobus Kern

Gabriel Wolf (inde a 2003): B. Petrus Hadrianus Toulorge

Die 2 novembris 2007 in Urbe piissime in Domino obdormivit Rev. Dom. HUGO MARTON, Magnovaradiensis, Postulator Generalis Ordinis Praemonstratensis 1954-1975. Requiescat in pace.

Elenchus Actorum

B. Hroznata (+1217): Episcopus Pilznensis
B. Bronislava (+1259): Canonia Zwierzynecensis/Cracoviensis
B. Petrus Hadrianus Toulorge (+1793): Ordo Praemonstratensis
S.D. Emilia Podoska (+1889): Canonia Zwierzynecensis/Cracoviensis
B. Jacobus Kern (+1924): Canonia Gerusena
Paulus Soucek et soc. (+1943): Ordo Praemonstratensis

Elenchus Vice-Postulatorum

B. Hroznata: Rev.mus D. Philippus S. Lobkowicz, Abbas Teplensis
B. Bronislava: Rev. Sr. Paula Z. Torczynska, Priorissa Zwierzynecensis
B. Petrus Hadrianus Toulorge: Rev. D. Jean-Bapt. Lechat, Sac. Constantiensis
S.D. Emilia Podoska: Rev. Sr. Dorota B. Goldstrom, ex canonia Zwierzynecensi
B. Jacobus Kern: Rev. D. Evermod H. Fettinger, ex abbatia Gerusena
Paulus Soucek et soc.: Rev.mus D. Marianus R. Kosík, Abbas Neoricensis

Angelus Cardinalis Amato

Angelus Amato SDB (natus die 8 Iunii 1938 Melfae in provincia Bariensis, Italia) Praefectus Congregationis de Causis Sanctorum Cardinalis creatus a Benedicto Papa XVI in Consistorio die 20 Novembris 2010.

Ad multos annos!