Prayers answered

The circle of those who venerate our saints, blessed and servants of God is happily growing more and more. In order to promote the advancement of their causes, it is important that the Postulator of the Order is made aware of any new developments in the veneration of the faithful for these holy ones. Along these lines, it is significant if the candidates are also known and invoked beyond the boundaries of their own respective countries (PL, F, CZ and A). So that none of the favors received will be overlooked, we ask everyone to send reports of all such favors to Rome (including your Name, Address and a description of the way in which your prayers were answered).

The favors bear witness to the confidence manifested in the intercession of the Servants of God and Blesseds, but are equally considered proofs of the gratitude for graces and help received. We can regard them as an encouragement to have recourse to these heavenly benefactors in our needs and cares. In conformity with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, it is hereby declared that no supernatural character may be attributed to the events described as long as the highest authority of the Church has not yet passed judgment in their regard.