Causae of the Order

Further Causae

Biographies of the following Norbertines are forthcoming:

John O’Mulkern: The process for Abbot John O’Mulkern (Kieranus) of the Irish abbey of Lough Cé who was hung to death in 1580 with 47 other martyrs has been under examination by the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints since 1994; the archbishopric of Dublin bears the responsibility for this cause.

Witnesses of the faith (Nová Riše): Presently all the documentation regarding the five witnesses of the faith from the Czech abbey of Nová Riše is being collected. These confreres were put to death in the concentration camp at Auschwitz. The five are Abbot Paulus Soucek, Prior Laurentius Novotny, Fr. Norbert Hrachovsky, Fr. Sigismund Zabehlicky and Fr. Siard Nevrkla.