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Blessed James Kern ( Life of the Saints and Blesseds)

James Kern, born in 1897 and baptized with the name Francis Alexander, became a soldier in 1915 and returned from the First World War seriously wounded. After his entrance into the Norbertine Abbey of Geras (Austria) on October 18, 1920, he was ordained a priest two years later and carried out an intense priestly apostolate in the parishes around Geras. He offered the excruciating pain coming from his war injury as atonement. At his first Mass he said, “This Palm Sunday will be followed by Good Friday.” His sermons came from the heart and moved his listeners. The charisma and the authentic life of the “good Father James” fascinated everybody. On the day of his Solemn Profession on October 20, 1924, he died during an operation he had to undergo due to the consequences of his wound.

Soon afterwards the veneration of Father James already began, and in 1956 his mortal remains were transferred into the abbey church. Under the Roman canon lawyer, Andrea Ambrosi, the process of beatification was brought to a successful end. Pope John Paul II beatified James Kern on June 21, 1998, at Vienna’s Heldenplatz (“Heroes’ Square”). The Holy Father encouraged priests and religious to follow this “hero of the Church” and remain faithful to their vocation. On April 7, 2006, Abbot Martin Felhofer, as administrator of Geras, entrusted the causa of Blessed James Kern to the General Postulator of the Norbertine Order, and on June 2, 2006, Father Evermode Fettinger, O.Praem. (Geras) was confirmed as Vice-Postulator. Now we are waiting for a new miracle through the intercession of the young blessed!

Meeting with Mgr. Klaus Küng on May 18, 2007, in St. Pölten





Hymn in honor of Blessed James Kern






Recollectio "With Blessed James Kern through the Holy Week" before the "Missa crismatis" on March 3, 2008, in St. Pölten



Consecration of the Byzantine Chapel in honour of the Resurrection and of Blessed James Kern (Patriarch Gregorios III. Laham) 23.I.2010


Benedictio crucis in honorem B. Iacobi Kern
11.VIII.2012 Fugnitz (A)